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Leg Cramps

on October 22, 2013

Leg Cramps

Leg cramps can hit anyone – ask Bill Engvall. He mentioned that he had suffered through leg cramps in both legs while on Dancing with the Stars last night. Feeding the muscles with foods rich in potassium, staying hydrated, massage therapy and stretching will help in keeping the cramps at bay. Good Luck, Bill!


6 responses to “Leg Cramps

  1. I usually get them when pregnant. They are killer!

    • NiaMassage says:

      Oh, I used to have them when I had my daughter! My calves used to give me a hint – just a micro spasm, as if to say, “Move that leg just one more time, and see what happens!” Oh, the memories!

  2. sweetsavant says:

    leg cramps are no joke, I get them occasionally, I wonder if a multi vitamin will help

    • NiaMassage says:

      Bananas can be a huge help. The potassium in them helps the cramps. Some people swear by pickle juice or arnica cream on the muscles. I used to take selenium, but I eat 3 large Brazil nuts, and that helps – but that is what works for me.

  3. Katherine G says:

    Great tips as always. Your tips are so helpful to me.

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